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Webkinz Money Tips

Here are more webkinz money tips to earn you lots of kinzcash.
A. The webkinz newspaper that lets you know what is new at webkinz world can earn you some kinzcash. Under postcards or contact us, you can answer a survey each week. This can earn you $50 in free kinzcash and a happy boost too. Check it out.

B. Go and check out your pet's room. If you have an item in the room you don't need, go ahead and sell it. This is a great way to earn some extra kinzcash.

C. Remember the items you were given when you first adopt your webkinz? If you don't like the items, sell it. A great way to earn some quick kinzcash here.

D. Redecorate your pet's room. Sell everything in the room and get kinzcash for it. Then buy cheap items for the room.
These webkinz money tips should help. Let's get to selling :)


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