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New December 2013 Webkinz Are Ready To Rock!

The New Webkinz For December 2013 are here and just in time for the holidays. Yeah baby!. I love the holiday webkinz. They are so cute and the colors are spectacular. And as you already know, all plush pets come with their own secret code. Enjoy your holidays:)

New Webkinz Plush Pets

December 2013
Webkinz Ice Penguin

Webkinz Sassy Skunk

Webkinz Fox terrier

Webkinz Donut Pup


Webkinz Pets - Are Still The Rage - 2013!

Absolutely adorable and are here to stay. Lets welcome to the club some new friends. The Webkinz Signature Bull Terrier, Cupcake Pup, Pretty Kitty,  Bulldog Puppy, and The Flower Frog. How magnificent these plush pets are.

You will find each webkinz has its own brand and is a collectors item too.You are also  welcomed to Webkinz World on the net. 

Just make sure you have your secret code ready so you can get in and start enjoying games, other activities and lots of fun. Your adoptions papers are ready and waiting.

The new Webkinz Pets above are the pets for the month of April 2013. New and ready for adoption. They are all looking for a lovely home. If you love these gorgeous plush pets as much as I do, you can add more  to your pet collection today, right now. Enjoy:)


New Webkinz - October 2012

A large collection of New Webkinz just in for October 2012.This is a party and we welcome them all to the club. Just more love and plush animals you can add to your collection. These newbies are so adorable. How many more are you going' to take home with you today? They all need love. Here they are below.

Rockerz Bunny, Rocker Dog, Black Wolf, Spotted Spaniel, Meerkat, Rockerz Horse, Rockerz Poodle, Grape Soda Pup. There is also the new Signature African Wild Dog. Lovely:) I hope you love the new webkinz 2012 pets.


Webkinz Patchy Puppy - Limited Edition

What a cute little doggie. A lovely rainbow color and very affectionate. Favorite item is
the Backyard Bubble Maker and special food is Twisted Fruit Slushy. Just in time for the holidays. You can take this little cutie home today. This webkinz is looking for a home and plenty of love. Many other new webkinz are available as well. Enjoy:)

Webkinz Patch Puppy Limited Edition


Cyber Monday - Webkinz Sale

This Cyber Monday, make sure you shop for all of your webkinz! The sales on webkinz are fantastic! You will find other great deals on toys and other stuff too. Take a look and look at the savings....


Webkinz Dodo Bird - What A Gorgeous Plus Pet

New for October 2011. What gorgeous beauty this bird is. Goofy grapefruit is what this birdy loves. Special item: Homemade Helicopter. Special Food: Goofy Grapefruit Gelato. Dodo wants to come home with you today. You can adopt this beautiful plush today right now!

Webkinz Dodo Bird


Webkinz Nick Mazin Hamster

Nick Mazin the Hamster is ready for the holidays. Join the virtual Mazin Hamster world. With your secret internet code, a world awaits you. You can take this webkinz home today at a great price. Ho Ho Ho:)

Webkinz Cherry Soda Pup

Oh, what a cutie. If you love cherry pop, then you are going to love this pup. When you look at this pup, you want a cherry pop..... Delightful and looking to go home with you today....

Minty Moose - Webkinz

The Moose is spectacular and what a leader. Standing tall and full of color. This is one you can adopt and add to your plush toy collection. Enjoy! Selling at a great price....

Buy Webkinz Tie Dyed Puppy

All the colors of the rainbow this pup has... It is still brand new and just been added to the webkinz club. If you are a collector like I am, this is one you gotta have. A beautiful pup this is....Looking for a great home:)


New Webkinz For June 2010! - Yahoo!!!


Here are the new webkinz for June 2010. You have the Webkinz Golden Pegasus, The Red Panda and The Chinchilla. I will let you know about the new ones for July, 2010 when released. I will be back soon. Have a great Summer! Check out the newbies at the link below. Enjoy!


Webkinz Portuguese Water Dog

Check out these brand new webkinz. The Webinz Portuguese Water Dog, the Weimaraner, the Triceratops, and the Webkinz Ginger Cat. They are a new welcome to the webkinz club. So adorable and so cute. You can adopt one of these babies today!

Webkinz Clover Puppy

This webkinz clover puppy is new and green all over. This webkinz looks alittle like the love puppy for Valentine's Day. Remember that little one. This puppy is ready to go home with you today. So cute!


Brand New Webkinz

Brand New Webkinz. Just in time for the holidays. You will have many many webkinz to choose from. Peppermint Puppy, the Moose, Daisy Tortoise, Blufadoodle, Rainbow Ribbon Unicorn, the Baby Penguin, Arctic Fox and coming back is the Reindeer. Come on in and take a look. The prices are very reasonable too. Plenty of Plush Animals to take home this festive season. Enjoy:)