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Ganz Webkinz Reindeer

The Ganz Webkinz Reindeer is here and just in time for the holidays. What a unique creature because this pet is a very special animal. The antlers are strong. And this shows the power and wisdom in a reindeer.

Looking into the journal of nature(vol 438, p1095), reindeers like to sleep during the day and they are usually up at night. No wonder they are good sleigh drivers at night. They are use to the nightshift especially on Christmas Eve.

One a ball your family with have with this new additon if you decide to adopt this Webkinz. What you should also know is your new friend loves spikey sedge soup and the far north sleigh. These are the Ganz Webkinz Reindeer favorite things. Enjoy this new added addition to the Webkinz collection. Ganz 


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