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Webkinz Pets - Are Still The Rage - 2013!

Absolutely adorable and are here to stay. Lets welcome to the club some new friends. The Webkinz Signature Bull Terrier, Cupcake Pup, Pretty Kitty,  Bulldog Puppy, and The Flower Frog. How magnificent these plush pets are.

You will find each webkinz has its own brand and is a collectors item too.You are also  welcomed to Webkinz World on the net. 

Just make sure you have your secret code ready so you can get in and start enjoying games, other activities and lots of fun. Your adoptions papers are ready and waiting.

The new Webkinz Pets above are the pets for the month of April 2013. New and ready for adoption. They are all looking for a lovely home. If you love these gorgeous plush pets as much as I do, you can add more  to your pet collection today, right now. Enjoy:)


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