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Buy Baby Webkinz

When you buy baby webkinz, this is the little webkinz and they are called lil kinz. They have their cute tags with a secret code too. Make sure the tags are authentic and un-used when you purchase one of these.

You can also adopt these little ones at great prices. If you have smaller kids, these lil kinz are just perfect playmates for them. You have the lil kinz poodle, the lion, the tiger, the pig and the tree frog just to name a few. And how about the lil kinz st bernard, this is the newest little one on the scene. You then have the lil brown horse who is already retired. You can still get this little tot at a great retired price.

These little jewels are about 6 1/2 inches tall and what lots of fun you will have with your lil kinz over at webkinz world. They also make great playmates offline for the tiny little child you may have at home.

What gold mines these little cuties are and what great gifts these plush pets would make. Buy Lil Kinz Webkinz and adopt one today. Collect them all. They are so adorable to pass up.


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