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Webkinz Seasonal

There are 3 webkinz seasonal pets so far. These webkinz were presented during various holidays. The love puppy came out just in time for Valentine's Day. Since that time, if you find a love puppy now, you will have to pay a pretty penny for it. The price range starts at $100 and up. There are some bargains here on the Internet where you should be able to find this webkinz at a good price. This plush pet is so adorable and will be a great collector's item. You should take advantage of this $100 price now. Pretty soon, this pet will be really hard to find. And you know what that means. This price will escalate, $800, $900? I'm not kidding. It is in the $100 range right now. Many people love the webkinz love puppy. The price is sure to go up.

The next seasonal pet is called the webkinz sherbet bunny which came out on Easter. You can still find this item. However, it is going to cost you over $50 bucks. Still a great collector's item. It will soon be harder to find. And then the price will escalate on this webkinz too. It's at around $50 bucks right now.

This seasonal item just came out. The black cat. Just in time for Halloween. This is also a limited edition to the other two above. The price right now is from $10.00 and up. Very cheat right now. Get it now because later on, the price will surely go up on this one too.

So far, these are the only 3 ganz has put out. These 3 items may disappear forever soon. However, their will always be someone who will have these 3 items and it will cost you a whole lot of money. Purchase any one of these now if you can. Look at it this way. They will be great future investments. Oh, isn't the cat a cutie?


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