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Halloween Webkinz - Need Webkinz Recipes

Do you need webkinz recipes? Here are some great Halloween Webkinz recipes. What a treat. Here's the Tooth Extractor Webkinz Recipe. Pumpkin Pop, Licorice Bats, and Phantom Pop. You can make this on your webkinz stove. I hope your webkinz loves the tooth extactor. What a great Halloween treat this is going to be.
Here's another.
Halloweenogg on the stove. You need:
Pumpkin, Milk, and Eggs. Congratulations! You've made Halloweenogg.
Here's another. Freaky Flan: Lemon Pie, Pear and Pumpkin.
Scary Berry Crunch: Potato Chips, Pumpkin and Strawberries.

Experimenting and trying to come up with your own recipes can get very expensive. This can really eat up your kinzcash. However, if you enjoy experimenting with recipes to come up with on your own, that's good too. In order to keep some kinzcash coming in, playing the arcade games and taking the quizzes will help build up that kinzcash.
I hope your pet likes the Halloween Webkinz recipes. I am quite sure your little buddy will.


Anonymous PERSEPHONEpoodleROXmeWoRLd!!!!!!!!!!! said...

i like rhe webkinz recipies but how do u get Licorishe Bats or a Pumkin Pop ANYwAY...
my real kinz username is dizzyur
u can put me on ur FRIENDS LIST!!!!!! i heart kinz and i had lost 1 account cuz i forgot MY USERNAME and Password...
DATS expired though cuz i registered in FEB 07

May 3, 2008 at 9:14 PM  

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