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Cheap New Webkinz

Looking for cheap new webkinz? 2008 has been a very good year so far for new webkinz. Some new webkinz accessories are new on the block too.

These are the webkinz that have just arrived so far this year. The webkinz snow white duck for Easter, Velvety Elephant, Black Poodle, Tie Dye Frog and the Grey Arabian Horse.

More upcoming Webkinz on their way are: The Webkinz Black And White Cheeky Dog, The Schnauser, Kangaroo, Himalayan Cat, Grey Wolf, Pink and White Cat, The Welsh Corgi And the Monarch Butterfly.

The newest Webkinz Lil Kinz that have just arrived for 2008 are, The Lil Kinz Polar Bear, Lil Kinz Persian Cat, and the Lil Kinz Bull Dog.

I will let you know of the arrival of a new webkinz so make sure you add this blog to your favorites and subscribe to the feed here to stay updated.(big orange button on your left near the bottom.)

Above you have the sneak peek of the Webkinz Black and White Cheeky Dog. What a cutie and this one will be released in February, 2008. Be on the look out for this new one.


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