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Cheap Retired Webkinz Sale

You can find a cheap retired webkinz sale at many retailers. They are selling at great prices. A retired webkinz means that they are no ling being made. No one will be able to adopt these retired ones. These are also great collector's items if you purchase these webkinz now. These plush pets would be a great thing for you to have in the future. Many webkinz are selling cheap compared to the cheeky cat, love puppy and the cheeky dog. These two are very expensive.

Webkinz Gorilla - $ 12.50
Webkinz Basset Hound - $42.80
Webkinz Gold and White Cat - $24.98
Webkinz Gray and White Cat - $20.00
Webkinz Horse - $34.90
Webkinz Pegasus - $39.87
Webkinz Unicorn - $37.99
Webkinz Love Puppy - $130.00
Webkinz Cheeky Cat - $299.00
Webkinz Cheeky Dog - $800.00


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