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Webkinz Magazine

Webkinz Magazine Plushie Pals is a magazine for all webkinz fans. Yahoo!!! It's brand new and will keep you up to date with lots of webkinz news. There is also info about other plush toys you can purchase too.

There are online game tips lots of recipes and listings of the new releases of Webkinz. This magazine will also let you know about the Retired Webkinz too. If you are into Clug Penguin, Ty Girlz or Neopets, you will get the updates on these clubs too.

This is a limited edition magazine and will be a collectible. Also, there are plenty of pictures of Webkinz you can enjoy. This one is sure to keep you updated with all the happenings of a Webkinz. This Webkinz Magazine will be a treasure to have. Attention: The Latest Magazine Is Available.


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