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Webkinz Lil Kinz Canary

The Webkinz Lil Kinz Canary is for January 2009. What a delight. And what a cutie. As soon as this little one arrives, I will be the first to let you know. I can not wait either. Have a great holiday:) It's Here Now!


Webkinz Ainbowray Canape Recipe

Hi there! Another new recipe. We have the Webkinz Ainbowray Canape Recipe. Yummy. You will need the stove for this. Delicious Webkinz Crackers, some Cherries and some Blueberries. Your webkinz will enjoy this great treat.


New Webkinz Emperor Coming To You Soon

The New Webkinz Emperor is here in January 2009.
Along with the Emperor will be the Webkinz Chimpanzee, the Groundhog, the Key Lime Dino, the Grey Owl, the American Golden, Lil Kinz Purple Goldfish and the Lil Kinz Canary. It's Here


Webkinz Cogitaticake Recipe

This Webkinz Cogitaticake Recipe is a new one. You will need to use the stove, the grill or cauldron. You will need French Fries, Spaghetti and Carrot Cake. A new recipe you can us to perfection. Enjoy it.


New Webkinz Hedgehog

This is the New Webkinz Hedgehog you got to have. This Hedgehog loves to play games and hanging out at Webkinz World. Look no further because this is a friend to have by your side always. This Hedge wants to go home with you today.


New Webkinz Black Panther

This brand New Webkinz Black Panther is so amazing and very unique. This cat will be your friend to the end. A very good listener and loves to travel. Be ready for the adventure. Adopt your panther today.


Webkinz New Squirrel On Sale

Webkinz New Squirrel On Sale at a great price. What an adventure and fun you are going to have with this squirrel. A very busy and full of energy this rodent is. This webkinz will go everywhere with you and loves to tag along. Enjoy:)


Brand New Webkinz Sea Otter

This Brand New Webkinz Sea Otter is very playful and with a great sense of humor. This otter will keep you laughing all day long. Be ready because this otter is full of energy. This little one is ready to come home with you today.


Webkinz Lil Kinz Seahorse

This Webkinz Lil Kinz Seahorse is brand new and has just joined the webkinz house. This little tot is very happy and is going to love hanging out in a underwater room you will have to put together. This lil kinz is ready to come home with you today.