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Brand New Webkinz Plush Signature Pets

This April we have the arrival of brand new webkinz plush signature pets. The Panda is the first in this new collection. You will get feature code with a signature pet. This feature code should unlock for you a piece of furniture, a wish token and a estore item. Delightful!


Boston Terrier New Webkinz

In for April. The Boston Terrier New Webkinz, The Webkinz Ring Tailed Lemur, and the Lil Kinz Polka Back Fish. These three are brand new and ready to go home with you today. Webkinz are always great collector's items too.

Find Webkinz Domino Cat

You can find webkinz domino cat, the webkinz spotty dinosaure and the lil kinz robin. These webkinz came out for the month of March. Sorry I am late posting this here. Have been a little under the weather but I am back. And I will keep you up to date when it comes to letting you know the availability of new webkinz.