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Webkinz Albino

Let's CELEBRATE. This little pony has just been added to the webkinz club. The webkinz albino keeps my stamp of approval. This little one is coming to you in August 2008. And it's HERE!! So adorable and so cute. The albino horse is not albino at all. It is called albino because this horse is a brilliant white color.
You may see a horse like this at a circus or at a fair. This is a magnificent one. I will let you know when the American albino arrives. I'm so excited!!


The Lil Kinz Bluejay

It's HERE! The lil kinz bluejay has arrived here in August 2008. So blue and cheerful this little birdy is. This bluejay's special item is a true blue birdbath. Special food is bright-blue seed drop stew. The beautiful color of blue is so delightful. Get ready in August to adopt this little one and you can adopt this birdy today. Yahoo!!!

Black And White Cheeky Dog Lil Kinz

The black and white cheeky dog lil kinz is available. This is July's newest little one to the webkinz team. This little pooch has grab the spotlight and loves attention. Very playful and not shy at all. This puppy loves hanging out outside and really loves the clubhouse. Make sure the room is nice and cozy for this little one. What a cutie pie:)


The Webkinz Rottweiler

The webkinz rottweiler is brand new and available during this month of July. What a loving companion and this little one is well behaved. This webkinz loves hanging out over at webkinz world. Adopt this rottweiler today. Cuddly and adorable:)

The Webkinz Crocodile

The webkinz crocodile is brand new and just added to the webkinz club. What a delight. If you are a collector, you can get this little one now. It is a limited edition plush pet. Very colorful and so adorable. This crocodile is ready to come home with you.