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Buy Webkinz Chipmunk

Buy webkinz chipmunk right now. Welcome to the webkinz team. So cute, sweet and very cheerful. What an very active and energetic one. This chip loves learning so make sure you head on over to Quizzys. What a delight and you can take this webkinz home today.


Webkinz New Floppy Pig

This webkinz new floppy pig is brand new and has just been added to the webkinz club. Alright! This webkinz loves a pile of mud pie flapjacks. So loving and gentle. What a wonderful addition to your family and your collection. Be ready to have alot of fun with this little piggy.


Bluchetta Grillon Recipe

The bluchetta grillon recipe is brand new and just in. I love new recipes. And I know you do too. Ok here it is. You can use the sandwich maker. Pineapple, Ramen Noodles and Bread. Enjoy:)
Bluchetta Grillon Recipe


Webkinz Halloween Bat

The webkinz halloween bat is here. Wow! We are going to have a early halloween because this bat can not wait until October. This bat wants to treat or trick now and is ready to fly. This webkinz is ready to fly home with you today! Awesome:)


Webkinz Gladdugrumble Recipe

Webkinz Gladdgrumble Recipe is ready and new. You are going to need the stove to put together this recipe. Make sure you have Honey, Rootbeer, And Cornflake Cereal. There you go.
You can use the grill or cauldron too. Your choice.

October Webkinz Releases

New October webkinz releases will be added to team soon. Here they are: The Webkinz Pink And White Dog, The Webkinz Buffalo, The Webkinz Clown Fish, The Webkinz Porcupine, The Lil Kinz Triggerfish, and The Lil Kinz Humming Bird. What a delight and I can not wait. As soon as these babies are released, I will let you know.


Webkinz - New Magimmery Mist Recipe

Yummy! You are going to enjoy this new one for your webkinz. This is a blender recipe.

Ginger Ale, Lemon Meringue Pie, And Blueberries. You will need to use the blender for this one.

Webkinz - Chortletorte New Recipe

This is a new one and this is what you are going to need. You can use the stove or the grill.

Coconut, Carrot Cake, And Lemonade. Enjoy making this treasure.

Webkinz Chorletorte New Recipe

Floridisa New Webkinz Recipe

This just in. Here's a new recipe. You can use either the cauldron, grill or the stove to make this recipe.

You need Orange, French Fries And Kiwi Fruit. Enjoy your webkinz:)


Webkinz Pet Of The Month September

This is the webkinz pet of the month September. Many of you probably know this already. Well it is still really cool. It's the webkinz bull frog. This is confirmed by ganz and it's true. Wow! What a labor day my family is going to have. This is totally awesome and really cool. If you don't have the bull frog yet, you better get one of these. Alright!

Webkinz Bottlenose Dolphin New - September 2008

It's Here! The Dolphin Is Here!!! The webkinz bottlenose dolphin and lots of other webkinz will arrive in September. Alright! Keep those webkinz coming. Fantastic! Be out on the lookout for these gems and these plush pets have arrived.

The Webkinz Chipmunk, The Sheep, The Floppy Pig, The Eagle, The Bottlenose Dolphin, The Lil Kinz Seal And The Lil Kinz Chickadee.

The month of September 2008 is just around the corner. Get ready to add these beauties to your collection. You can add these beauties to your collection. I will be back to add the rest:)


New Webkinz Trading Cards Series 3

This new webkinz trading cards series 3 is sensational! There are some new suprises that you will only get in this new series of cards. A new magical pet can only be found here. You will also get a sticker that shines and a new feature code that has never been seen before in this pack. Totally awesome.

Webkinz Recipes

I would also like to add this. I will give a new recipe with each post that I make about webkinz. Don't you love creating new recipes? I do too. Here's one for the books and it's new.


Webkinz Manatee New

This is Webkinz Manatee is new and has joined the webkinz team. How delightful. So lovable and gentle. This webkinz loves to relax, have fun and loves cooking too. You are going to love hanging out with the Manatee. Special item: mangrove treasure trove. Special food: mangrove leaf manicotti. Enjoy your new plush pet.


Webkinz Goldfish

This webkinz goldfish is brand new and is a proud member of the webkinz team. Goldfish are very popular aquarium fish and very colorful. Goldfish love lots of plants in their aquariums too. This is a very friendly fish and is looking for a family to love. "Please take me home with you."

Brand New Webkinz Skunk

This brand new webkinz skunk has just arrived. This is a super skunk. Black and white all over and alright! This is a friendly webkinz who loves to hangout and have fun. This plush animal also loves to bake and appreciates quiet time at home too. This is a happy one. Special item: black and white skunk fridge. Special food: toadstool fritters.

The Webkinz Deer

The webkinz deer is one sweetie pie with so much love to give you. If you are having a bad day, this deer will cheer you up. This webkinz loves to hangout at the clubhouse and watching TV. What a happy one. Brand new to the webkinz gang and so adorable. Special item: great outdoors window. Special food: buck potluck.

Webkinz Dinosaur

This webkinz dinosaur is so sweet as chocolate pie. This is a gentle giant who is looking for a family to love and a home. Get ready to make new friends with this braved dinosaur. Special item: prehistoric stove. Special food: sweet cocoa con carne. Brand new too.

The Webkinz Caramel Lion

ROAR!!! The webkinz caramel lion has just been added to the webkinz team. Brand new. This lion is so brave and so strong. What a real power house. So lovely and purr-fect. Special item: paws and claws armoire. Special food: caramelize eland flan. You can adopt this cat today.