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Webkinz Trading Cards Online

You can collect webkinz trading cards online. You can purchase these cards over the internet. These cards will have your favorite webkinz pets, items, characters and recipes for you to love and enjoy.

There are 3 sets of cards. Challenge cards are used for the Challenge game. You can play against one friend or more. Their are 15 Challenge cards you can collect. Then you have Curio Shop. These cards show your favorite rare items. You will be able to read about what Arte has to say about these rare items. And then you have Webkinz Doodlez. These cards will give you a peek at sketches from Webkinz Artist. There are 8 doodlez to collect.

What great fun it to collect these rare cards. Get going:) Start collecting....

Webkinz For Sale

I know you are looking for a good price when it comes to looking for webkinz for sale. These adorable plush pets are worth every penny that's for sure. You can find these great collectibles at good prices. You really have to shop around. They are ranging at various different prices.

Look for a name with a good reputation when you buy. That way if anything goes wrong with your purchase, you can easily find them to return your webkinz. Buy from a retailer who's name you can trust. This really makes all the difference in the world. Who wants to get ripped off by a fly by night store. Also make sure the retailer you make the purchase from has an easy refund policy with no headaches as well.

You can stop by and price check the webkinz I have. Who knows. You may like what you see.  

Order Webkinz Cheeky Dog

This just in. Order Webkinz Cheeky Dog. In December, 2007, this webkinz is coming out of retirement. Cheeky Cat too. This is great news. These plush pets right now are very expensive running from $600 - $1,149.00. This is ridiculous. Once they are out of retirement in December, you will be able to get these two at a much cheaper price.

And don't forget the new webkinz on the scene called the Reindeer. This adorable pet will arrive in December. The perfect time for Christmas. And remember the Black Cat will be out in October. Just in time for Halloween. What great fun! Buy webkinz Cheeky Dog in December. You will surely beat the price above.


Webkinz Parents

Webkinz parents have fess up to having many webkinz of their own. I am one of them. I have 50 and am proud of it. I love these adorable plush pets. I love also interaction involvement with my children when we are at webkinz world. This is really a cool way to spend some online time with your child. The games at the site are alot of fun.

I do know many webkinz parents that enjoy the games as much as they children do. The daily activities such as feeding and caring for your virtual webkinz in a great experience. Become webkinz parents if you have not done so already. This will open a whole new world for you and your child. You will have a great time.

Webkinz Security

Parents are aloud to have their own account. This account can interact with your child's account for that extra webkinz security. Appropriate steps have already been taken to restrict inappropriate words. Parent can have full control over your child's online activity over at webkinz.

Parents, you should also let your child know that if they are contacted by someone they do not know, to log off any site immediately for that matter.

There are so many social networks sites popping up for children. With webkinz as one of them, webkinz security is kid safe.

Find more info on this at the Webkinz Parents Area

Is Webkinz Safe?

Although the Internet is unsafe, you want to know is webkinz safe? Yes, it is. Ganz the mind behind webkinz has mad this site the safest. The chat is really net. One cannot type anything is not appropriate. Only people you know show have your child's username. Webkinz is fun and educational and has the best security. This is definitely a kid friendly site.

There is a dictionary at the free chat. You can only use words that are in the dictionary. Rest assure. Your child over at webkinz world will have a safe experience. Is webkinz safe? Yes it is guaranteed assurance. Webkinz is a fantastic family interaction site of pure enjoyment.


Webkinz Money Tips

Here are more webkinz money tips to earn you lots of kinzcash.
A. The webkinz newspaper that lets you know what is new at webkinz world can earn you some kinzcash. Under postcards or contact us, you can answer a survey each week. This can earn you $50 in free kinzcash and a happy boost too. Check it out.

B. Go and check out your pet's room. If you have an item in the room you don't need, go ahead and sell it. This is a great way to earn some extra kinzcash.

C. Remember the items you were given when you first adopt your webkinz? If you don't like the items, sell it. A great way to earn some quick kinzcash here.

D. Redecorate your pet's room. Sell everything in the room and get kinzcash for it. Then buy cheap items for the room.
These webkinz money tips should help. Let's get to selling :)

Earn More Kinzcash

The number one fun thing to do is to earn more kinzcash playing your favorite games for fun. You need to also look for the games that can earn you lots of kinzcash. Cash Cow, Zingo's Pop, Zacky's Quest and Hungry Hog are winners.

You should also take advantage of the bonuses. Clear the boards before going to the next level in order to earn those bonuses.

Do the quizzes and earn some kinzcash per question. Dogbeard when playing with another person can earn you around $70-$80 bucks if you are the winner. Also, check out the hourly webkinz daily events to earn more kinzcash. Go and explore over at Webkinz world.

Healthy Webkinz

Spending time with your pet will help you keep a healthy webkinz. Make sure you feed your pet all the best fruits and vegetables. Giving your pet a bath daily will keep your webkinz healthy and happy too.

Exercise is also great for your pet. Go over to the W shop and buy some exercise stuff. Wekinz love playtime at the arcade. This will definitely keep your pet happy. And before you log off, make sure your webkinz is in bed.

There are many quizzes and arcade games that will help you earn kinzcash so you can care for your pet. You can also go to the employment office and get a job. This job would keep some cash flow coming in. It's an excellent thing to do. Make sure you keep a healthy webkinz.