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What Is The Webkinz Pet Of The Month

What is the webkinz pet of the month? For April, it is the webkinz pink poodle. Have you adopted your pink pooch yet? Gorgeous with smooth silky pink fur. This pooch looks just like cotton candy. This is a cutie you are going to love.

Where To Find Webkinz In Stock

Are you looking where to find webkinz in stock? You can find a variety of webkinz right here. You will find new ones, retired ones, and little ones. You will also find plenty webkinz accessories to choose from too. Check it out! And what a cute photo full of webkinz mania:)

Buy Webkinz Plush Pet

Come on in and buy webkinz plush pet. If you don't have a webkinz, what are you waiting for? There are so many of these cuties you can adopt. You can have plenty of offline and online fun with these animals. Take one home today:) What a cutie!


Where To Purchase Webkinz

Looking for where to purchase webkinz? For starters, you are at the right place. This is a toy that has a great cross over appeal. Webkinz are cool, fun and educational. You can enjoy a webkinz online and offline. Parents and kids adore them. Parents and children everywhere can not get enough of these plush pets. Your adopted webkinz will come alive online. What a amazing treat. You can
 right here:)

Tiger Snake Webkinz

This tiger snake webkinz is 39 inches of fun fun fun! This is one of the favorites from the Webkinz team. Very quiet and so intelligent this snake is. Special food is eel enchilada! Yummy. Special item is the serpentine stream. You can take this serpentine home today.

Lil Kinz Pink Poodle

The lil kinz poodle is the most adorable and has the most gorgeous pink fur ever. This lil kinz has just arrived and looking for a friend. This is the sweetest little friend you are going to have. Cool and chic this little pooch is. Special item is a pink convertible and the special food is a pink poodle parfait. Fabulous!

New Lil Kinz Black Lab

This new lil kinz black labe is loyal, lots of fun and friendly. A real swimmer this little pooch is and loves to swim in a pool in the afternoon. This is a true friend to have. Special item: Autumn Paw Print Window. Special Food: Kibble A La King. Delightful!

Lil Kinz White Mouse

Check out the lil kinz white mouse. What a friendly little one. This lil kinz will be available at a retailer near you this April 2008. And this webkinz is available right now. We can welcome the lil kinz mouse to the webkinz family real soon. Get ready to have fun! This cutie is here right now!!


Leopard Lizard Webkinz

Leopard Lizard Webkinz - It's Here And Available Right Now!This lizard will come out of the desert and will be hanging out at the webkinz club in April 2008. This long nose creature will be looking to make many friends and is also looking for a cozy room. Look out for this little one next month. This leopard is ready to go home with you right now~


New Webkinz Chicken

This Chicken Is Available Right Now!
New Webkinz Chicken. Here's one of the 4 new webkinz that will be coming out in April 2008. Check out this Webkinz Chicken. What a cock-a-doodle-do. Get prepare to have fun with this chicken. And it's here~


Find Webkinz Bengal Tiger

Find webkinz bengal tiger. This bengal tiger is adorable and lovable too. This pet is just released and ready to go home with you. I hope you are full of energy because this tiger wants to play.


Webkinz Brown Dog

Webkinz Brown Dog has just join Webkinz. Fabulous! Get your $2000 in kinzcash when you adopt this little cutie. This pet is so warm and cuddly. What a friend you are going to have in this pooch. When you hang out at the arcades, make sure you your take your new friend with you and have a ball. Brand new 2008 release.


Webkinz Wacky Zingo

Webkinz Wacky Zingo has just joined the webkinz club. If you are a collector, you can get one of these today. This zingo is cuddly soft and adorable. Have great fun with your new little friend.
Another added attraction to this zingo, when you squeeze this plush pet in the middle, this stuff animal talks!

Webkinz Wacky Zingo will come with a feature code that will unlock to a wacky zingoz extreme game. You will only get this game once the code is unlocked. This is cool. Adopt your furry friend today.