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Webkinz Love Frog Sale

Brand New and Just Released! Yahoooo!!! What a cutie:)
Yours for Valentine's Day. What a nice gift to give for Valentine's Day. This plush pets loves to play and is looking for a buddy to hangout with. Special food: Candied Rose Petals. Special item: Love Pond. Get your secret code so you can get into webkinz world. This webkinz will be a seasonal one and a great collector's item. Adopt this cutie today.


Brand New Webkinz On Sale - Buy Webkinz Grey Arabian Horse

This just in. You can buy webkinz grey arabian horse today. This horse has just been added to the webkinz club.
So adorable and cute. Giving you a sneak peek of January's 2008 new release. What a delight. Be on the lookout for this little grey plush pet. You don't have to look anymore because this cutie has been released. Make sure you always bookmark this site and come on back now, you hear? There will be a new release of an webkinz in February too. The Webkinz Kangaroo. I will keep you posted:)


Webkinz Pinto Horse On Sale

Brand new and has just joined the team. Pinto horses are quite fashionable. They are colorful usually with black, brown and white patches. What fun you are going to have with this pony. Always full of energy and is looking for a playmate. Special food is a pinto bean salad and special item is a wooden trough bathtub. This horse loves the arcades and will love to play games with you. You can adopt this pinto horse right now. Enjoy this horse for the holidays.


Webkinz Turtle On Sale

Brand New To The Webkinz Club. You can buy a webkinz turtle on sale right now. This little baby has just been released! This turtle is on land and wants to spend time with you. Most turtles spend most of their time on land and they have exceptional night vision. This turtle loves to be around friends and loves hanging out at the clubhouse. Bugberry pie is this little tot's special food. Special item is the Shell Racer. This little cutie is ready to go home with you for the holidays:) Adopt a webkinz today.


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