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The Webkinz Spotted Leopard

The webkinz spotted leopard has arrived. It's here and at a retailer near you. So cute and cuddly this little one is. What a great summer treat. You can adopt this little leopard today:)

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Webkinz Plush Toys Online

Webkinz plush toys online are extremely popular so far with over more than two million toys sold to merchants and now over one million registered users at the Webkinz website.

Over at Webkinz World, there are cool exciting games that will keep you kids involved for hours. This online environment is safe for all ages and even engages the young kids. Kids as young a 3-4 years of age can enjoy the experience of having a virtual plush pet.

The virtual part is the added attraction to this stuff animal. You can cook for your pet too and wash your pet. Kids love Webkinz because they can feel the involvement and have control of their pet.

A child can really build a bond with their virtual pet. You can always adopt one of these cuties at anytime. They all need loving homes.


The Webkinz Love Monkey

The webkinz love monkey will be a perfect Valentine's Day treat. This is a cutie and a seasonal one too. February will be a sweetheart of a webkinz for your love one. This little one will be available in January 2009. Mark your calendar:)

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Webkinz Lemon Lime Gecko New

This webkinz lemon lime gecko is new and the cutiest. And this gecko is waiting to join your family. Very friendly and loves to play. Now this gecko is part of the webkinz team and very colorful. Special item for this little one is a lemon lime time clock. Special food is locust leckerli.

Enjoy. You will have great fun with this webkinz.

New Webkinz Pink Googles

A new webkinz pink googles has joined the webkinz club. The color of pink is a great color. You and googles can have lots of fun and you can both wear pink. That would be nice. Special item is a googles gem zen garden. How lovely. And special food is jumble googles caboodles. "You can take me home today."

The Webkinz Striped Snake

The webkinz striped snake is brand new. Lots of webkinz treats coming out this month. I love it. This striped serpent is ready to come home with you and is looking forward to becoming a part of your family. This snake loves seasoned mole dariole and this serpent's special item is a baking snake stove. Available for adoption right now.

Buy Lil Kinz Clydesdale

You can buy lil kinz clydesdale. Brand new and just added to the webkinz club. So adorable and a friend you are going to enjoy. This cutie's special item is A lucky horse-shoe fireplace. And special food is braised bannock bites. Enjoy and adopt this lil kinz today:)