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New Webkinz Brown Cow

This New Webkinz Brown Cow is HERE and just arrived. You know cows are producers of the milk that we drink so they are very exciting animals. This cow is friendly and loves hanging out at kinz academy. This webkinz is looking to come home with a family and is looking forward to sharing the love. This little one has arrived in December 2008. Adopt today.


New Dachshund Webkinz

This new dachshund webkinz is exciting, intelligent and interesting. Dachshunds love being friends with you and enjoys hanging out at the kinzville academy. You can take this pup home with you today. Enjoy:)


Buy Webkinz Orca Whale

Buy Webkinz Orca Whale. This baby is brand new and one very strong independent whale. Orca whales usually are. This whale loves a challenge and loves to relax at the orca pond. You can take this whale home today.