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Cloyin Hoipolloi Recipe

The Cloyin Hoipolloi Recipe is a new webkinz favorite. You can use the stove or grill for this one. Very easy. You need Burger, Licorice, and Asparagus. Brand new and solved. Enjoy this favorite.


Lil Kinz Cardinal Bird

The Lil Kinz Cardinal Bird arrived. Cardinals are very popular birds. You can see this bird fly through out the North East in the U.S. So bright and colorful. This little birdy will arrive in November 2008. This little cutie can go home with you today.

Webkinz Spinneretti Recipe

Here's a Webkinz Spineretti Recipe. You can use either the cauldron, the stove or grill. You need some Pumpkin, Green Grapes and Waffles. Enjoy:) The webkinz recipes are fantastic!


The Webkinz Parakeet

The Webkinz Parakeet or Parrot as some would say, has arrived for November. The are other new webkinz coming in November too. The Dachshund, The Emperor Dragron, The Grey Langur, The Snowman, The Orca Whale, The Lil Kinz Cardinal and The Lil Kinz Husky. Coming to a retailer near you real soon. Watch in November 2008. The Webkinz Parakeet Is Awesome!! All these Webkinz Are Here NOw....

Find The Webkinz Mount Snococo Recipe

This is where you can find the webkinz mount snococo recipe. You have came to the right place. You will need the cauldron, stove or the grill. The ingredients are some coconut, a chocolate bar and some corn flake cereal. Enjoy this new recipe.


Serpentash Squash Webkinz Recipe

This is the new serpentash squash webkinz recipe and it's a hit! Get your blender ready. You need some Cola, Dragon Fruit and Pink Lemonade. Enjoy putting this together.

Pomeadrone Punch Recipe

Ok guys. Here's the new Pomeadrone Punch Recipe. You can use your blender for this one. When you blend Blueberries, Honey And Pickles, you will get this terrific punch. I got more recipes coming.


October Pet Of The Month Webkinz

The October pet of the month webkinz is the pug. If you decide to wait until October to adopt this pug, you will get the pet of the month loot bag. This is something to look forward to. What a cutie:)


Webkinz Eagle New

This webkinz eagle is new and shows strength. Eagles are naturally born leaders and very brave. They love helping their friends. This is a eagle that will watch over you and would love to become a part of your family.


Brand New Webkinz Sheep

This brand new webkinz sheep has finally arrived and loves to play. You will have lots of fun time with your new friend. This pet loves the arcades too. What a pal you are going to have. Adopt this little one today.