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New Montrosoupy Webkinz Recipe

Hi, Here is a new montrosoupy webkinz recipe. You can use the grill, cauldron or the stove. You need some raisins, mushrooms and pickles. Enjoy this new one.


Megachinewich Webkinz Recipe

Here's another recipe. You wil need the sandwich maker for this one. A hot dog, a burger and some tacos. What a treat and one your webkinz will enjoy. Give it a try. This is the place to stop by because I will let you know when a new webkinz arrives.


Webkinz Key Lime Dino

The webkinz key lime dino is brand new and what a cutie. A very friendly dino who loves quizzes and the outdoors. This webkinz is ready to go with you today. And what a great collector's item as well. Enjoy:)


Owl Grey Webkinz

The new owl grey webkinz is a winner and you can purchase today. Did you know that owls are great birdwatchers? They also sleep during the day and love to come out at night. There are about 162 different species of owls and the grey owl is one of them. You can adopt this webkinz today.


The Webkinz American Golden

The webkinz american golden is one you have to have. Adorable and very lovable too. New to the webkinz club and you can take this cutie home today. What a cutie! Adopt a webkinz today.


New Lil Kinz Purple Goldfish

Wow! Take a look at this new lil kinz purple goldfish. It is just beautiful and loves the sparkling water. So easy to care for and a great addition to your family of webkinz and lil kinz too. You can adopt this new fish today.


Groundhog Webkinz

This is a groundhog webkinz that's brand new. This groundhog is up from its snooze. And this is one that usually sleeps through the winter and is up in in time for spring. However, this webkinz is up to go home with you for the winter. Adopt this little one today.


Brand New Webkinz Chimpanzee

This brand new webkinz chimpanzee has just joined the club. And this chimp loves to eat seeds, nuts, fruits and insects. Yummy. Very intelligent and are loved in the zoo. You can take this chimp home today.


Webkinz Rextexmex Stove Recipe

Here is new and exciting recipe. Check it out. You will need the stove for this one. You will need nachos, coconut and chicken nuggets. Enjoy this fabulous recipe.